Things you see and hear and I think you would like.
The Flight
Some Moebius and Miyazaki and no words and awesome.
Moral of the story: leave your arm with your girlfriend if you go to space.
Lariat Lyric Video
Is this a lyric video? All lyric videos should be this weird.
Why I Study Physics
I mean, I don't... but she does and she gives some good reasons.
Late For Meeting
A follow-up to "Going to the Store," but even more awesome.
Trackpad Jam
Just try to keep from humming this later today. My coworkers dont seem to like when I do it.
Atoms for Peace - Before Your Very Eyes
My name is Thomzimandius. Look on my erroding head ye mighty and enjoy this video.
Star Drunk
warp spewd.
I Don't Need A Reason
loops on loops on loops on loops
Desmondo Ray
new best friend.
Your Man
old school videogame awesomeness
The Fox
what DOES the fox say?